Meet Destiny. Her name inspired by writer M. K Wood, author of Pipers Pond and Pipers Pond "The Unwritten Fairytale. Destiny was one of my "how to learning" creations. With no real name other than Butterfly girl, this sculpture sat in my garden on display until met by Author M. K. Wood. After reading Pipers Pond I was inspired to finally give Destiny her name. Destiny has now been gifted to M. K. Woods as she is an inspiration to us both. Pipers Pond, a great little Novel for kids of all ages, yes even us big kids!

Personal Collection - Vince   

Personal Collection - The Mermaid is Coast Gal's Signature Piece and one of a kind. The Mermaids tail is individual cut silk flowers dipped one layer at a time to create the scales of her tail. This piece was weeks in the making as each layer had to dry before the next layer could be put into place. 

Blue Heron is special Order Only. He stands about 3 ft tall and yes he is created to be displayed out in the garden and is weather proof as all my sculputres unless other wise stated. Cost $280.00

Sold - they called her Mary Poppins


Sold - This African gal is a popular figurine. Coast gal has duplicated her in various fabrics and colours. She is also the basic taught in Coast Gals class. Create your own for $140.00 for classes "click here to email"





Jimmy (aka the fisherman) was created in honour of a dear family member who passed away from cancer 10 years ago. He is so dearly missed. Currently not for sale as I am not ready to part with him. Jimmy stand about 3' tall.

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