Coast Gal's Creations for Sale

Looking for something specific, I do commissioned pieces. "Email Coast Gal  "click here"

Garden Gal $150.00

bottes rouge     $130.00           

Dancing in the moonlight-Sold

Mini Girl figure on stand 8" tall-sold

Peacock  $160.00  sold

mini garden angel  6"  $45         


Rooster    $170.00                      

Sunshine on my Face! - Sold


Moon Light Dancer #2 - $180

Zula with stand is 28' tall. The first of Coastgals Creations with a molded face. $200.00- SOLD


Garden Dancer  $170.00

GG and Haddie     $180.00        

bicycle rider    $150.00          

Coast Gal Creations created by Donna-Marie

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